Двунаправленные для галоидоуглеродных газов

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The all new High Performance PVD Bi-Flow range of

“True” Two Way Chemical Pressure Relief Vents.




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Vent Size PVD150 PVD300 PVD500 PVD700 PVD1000





























Unit Weight 8kg 12kg 20kg 30kg 45kg
  Neg Pos Neg Pos Neg Pos Neg Pos Neg Pos
FVA @ M2 100Pa 0.045 0.045 0.085 0.085 0.27 0.27 0.46 0.46 0.92 0.92
Wall Opening Size 340Wx190H 345Wx345H 545Wx615H 745Wx745H

Unit Finish is RAL9016 White.

Fire Rating

4 Hours to BS476-20 and certified to E120 / EW120 to EN13501


The PVD Range of Pressure Relief Vents is a new development in the world of pressure relief vent for Chemical Agent
Gaseous Extinguishing Systems that provides a greater efficiency factor of free vent area at all pressures than its
competitors. The pressure vent blades start to open at above 70 Pascal’s in either direction and are fully open at 100 Pascal’s
pressure and can be calibrated using a Room Integrity Test Kit. The special design provides 92% free vent area from 100
Pascal’s room pressure. This advance in Chemical agent venting allows the vent to be fitted in any direction and the venting
for both Negaitve and Positive pressures is equal.

The range comes with a 4 hour fire rating to BS476 & certified to EW120 & E120 to EN1364-1 &2, Third Party Verification
of its operation by an independent consult. Reports available on request

The PVD range is supplied in two kits. One for internal use and one for external use. The PVD vent only, is used for internal
applications and with the addition of the L Reverse Louvre can be installed for external venting.

When mounting the PVD range in doors or narrow walls the external wall flange is used as a cover trim.

The Standard sized above are available from stock and Special Sized are available on request and are on a 4 to 6 week
lead time.

                                                             Features & Benefits

1. 4 hour Fire Rated

There is only one other manufacture with

Its’ full range fire rated for 4 hours.

(See comparison chart)

pvd data sheet 4

2. 90% free vent area

We have carried out a number of live simulated

gas discharges and venting simulations which

have been witnessed by an independent

consultant to verify our free vent areas.

3. 100mm flanges on PVD700 & 1000

We have increased the flange size over our

competitors with 60mm on the PVD150, 300

& 500 vents and 100mm on the PVD700 & 1000

to improve the installation and stability of our


pvd data sheet 5

4. Solid welded construction.

The PV, PVB and PVD vents have a solid

welded construction which eliminates flexing

and blades sticking if installed incorrectly

even if our vent is dropped it will work

5. Aesthetically Pleasing design

Our vents are designed to blend in to the

fabric of a risk. We don’t have rivets or

fixings visible and the unit is powder coated

in a white finish (or clients choice of colour)

To blend in.

pvd data sheet 6

6. Manufactured in Britain

All our design and manufacturing is carried

out in the UK. Nothing is sourced from China

or any other country.

pvd data sheet 7

                                                               Competitor Comparison

pvd data sheet 8

*DUX vent is only tested for 4 hour fire rating up to its 500 vent. The 700 and 1000

 vents only rated for 2 hours. PRD vents are only 2 hour rated.



Our PVD range of vents are available within 24 to 48 hours of an order being placed. We

hold large stock levels and can supply large orders within 2 to 4 working days.

Special Bespoke Sizes

We offer a total solutions package for our clients and will manufacture special vent solutions

within 4 to 6 weeks of approval of design.

Special Vent Colours

We can supply our pressure vents in any colour you require. Please contact us for prices.