Blower Door Retrotec for Fire Enclosure Integrity Testing

EU6210F Dual Blower Door System

Brand: Retrotec
Product Code: EU6210F

Double Fan Enclosure Integrity Testing

Model 6210F Double Fan with Large aluminum frame and cloth Panel and DM32 Wi-Fi touchscreen wireless gauge. It is actually two complete US6110F systems that can be used independently or combined with the Leakage Split kit for ceiling neutralization.

Includes two 1 hp calibrated fans making it ideal for large size enclosures up to 102,000 ft3/ 2,900 m3 for Inerts and 212,000 ft3/ 6,000 m3 for halocarbons. Includes fan cases and tool cases.

Why Retrotec for Enclosure Integrity?

All Retrotec systems include tech support from Retrotec who originated the idea of Enclosure Integrity testing in 1984. They promoted it within NFPA and in 1986 wrote the first Enclosure Integrity standard. Retrotec has been the lead researcher for enclosure testing ever since.  Every major clean agent system manufacturer worldwide relies on Retrotec’s expertise for both hold time and peak pressure predictions.

Model 6000 Fan


Flow Into:


Max Flow, per fan (60 Hz)

Reduces values by 15% for 50Hz fan

Free Air


50 Pa


Minimum Flow:



on Included Range B1

50 Pa


on Included Range 74

50 Pa


on Included Range 47

50 Pa


on Included Range 29

50 Pa



55.9 cm inlet diameter, 24.8 cm long, 63.5 cm height


15.2 kg or 16.0 kg with Ring A & Plated B8 installed

Flow Accuracy:




Recommended Fan Calibration Interval:

5 years


* The max flow of the fan will vary depending on the following factors: Voltage, frequency, barometric pressure, back pressure, blade pitch, air temperature, bearing tightness, inlet air turbulence

* 5000/6000 series blower doors DO NOT work with the DM-2 digital gauge