Thermal Imagers for special application

Thermal camera MEDICAS

Brand: Workswell
Product Code: MEDICAS

Thermal camera Workswell MEDICAS offers very unique solution for Face scanning including Black body temperature correction.


 Fever Detection
 Temp. Measurement
 Thermal and RGB camera
 High Resolution
 Lightweight Design
 Realtime Analysis

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Technical Specifications and Advantages

  • High resolution 640х512 px
  • High sensitivity 30mK
  • High accuracy 0,3°C via the real-time Black body correction and calibration (Black body included in the package)
  • Integrated Full HD Visual camera
  • Recording videos and images
  • Special narrow calibration temperature range for Face temperature measurement
  • Software MEDICAS in the camera with two-level alarm detection including display notification
  • Real-time hot spot analysis
  • Visualisation of both cameras at the same time at display (Thermal + Visual)
  • HDMI for easy connectivity to Displays and control via USB keyboard (as well as Bluetooth keyboards)
  • 110 VAC / 230 VAC power supply
  • Exportable unit worldwide without the licence

Contactless temperature measuring

The thermal camera Workswell MEDICAS allows to measure the temperature of the human skin and is therefore effective when the body temperature increases for instance due to virus infection. The average body temperature on the skin surface of a healthy human is in the range of approximately 35.8°C to 37°C.

If the human temperature (measured on the surface) exceeds 37°C, it may be an overheating of the body or a defensive reaction of the immune system to the infection of the organism (here the surface temperature can rise up to 4°C, ie. to 41°C).

Accuracy: ± 0.3 °C (temperature accuracy according to reference blackbody)