International conference Green Building Baltics 2019, Vilnius (Lithuania)

IRBEST company as sponsor took part in the fifth international conference Green Building Baltics, organized by Lithuanian Green Building Council. It is the largest event of this type dedicated to sustainable real estate development in the Baltics. This year’s conference topic is Future driven by Sustainability and Digitalisation.

Local and foreign experts and leaders of sustainable architecture, real estate development and construction business will share their experiences, best practices, and review the global development trends in the real estate sector. The event is dedicated to the real estate developers (both public and private), architects and engineers, construction companies and sustainability enthusiasts.
Why the climate neutral economy is so important for construction industry? When and which assessment system to use to prove sustainability of your building? What are the challenges of sustainable conversion and restauration? How smart building technologies and digitalisation change the way we think and work? All these and other questions will be covered in this year’s conference. Special topics were for Assessment systems like BREEAM, LEED, HPI and others.